#AmReading – Ghost Wolf by Brandon Chen

Released earlier this year, Ghost Wolf by Brandon Chen weaves a combination of horror, fantasy, magic, and lots of action. Most of all, it has a lot of werewolves.

From the Amazon description,

Werewolves. They are infectious creatures of the night, able to move swifter than the fastest mounts and rend steel with their sharpened claws. Through saliva, these beasts spread their disease, morphing afflicted humans into the monsters they fear. For centuries, these creatures were thought to be extinct. Until now. Beneath the city of Horux, a werewolf lives, waiting to deliver its vengeance on humanity. To protect his people, Yuri, a boy from the slums, must slay this beast before it causes the destruction of all he holds dear. Even if it means making a dangerous accord with an ancient Titan. In a world of gods, vampires and undead creatures, Ghost Wolf is the tale of a young man that travels a line between man and beast on a perilous journey to save his people.

This book is quite the journey. As Yuri travels this world looking for a way to save his friends and family, we encounter so many twists and turns with every step thrilling from beginning to end. Chen writes Yuri in a very likeable way. He is a warrior going through a savage transformation, but he has two mentors and a Titan looking out for him.

I also liked the world-building in this story. You know the “rules of magic” and how this world works. It is not confusing or disorienting but builds on the plot in dramatic fashion.

My only point of criticism is the high number of characters. There are so many it is often difficult to keep up with who is who. While the main protagonist is likable and you enjoy his story-arc in the novel, many of the other characters get lost bumping into each one another.

Outside of that, it is a fun and thrilling fantasy thriller that is enjoyable.

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