Dismal News For DC Comics

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are seeing an all-time low for their multiple comic book series after experiencing a resurgence following the free publicity they received with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and such DC Animated films like the upcoming Batman: Hush adaption.

As reported by Cosmic Book News, Diamond Distributors, the comic book industry’s largest distributor that places comics in the hands of stores, has released numbers showing a drop in sales. While all major companies, including Marvel, have been hit, it seems DC Comics has been hit the hardest.

From their June 2019 Top Products report,

Marvel Comics was June’s top publisher with a 43.38% dollar share and a 48.93% unit share. In second, DC had a 26.71% dollar share and a 26.44% unit share. Image Comics was third for the month at 7.58% in dollars and 8.01% in units, followed by Dark Horse Comics at 3.23% in dollars and 2.16% in units, IDW Publishing at 3.08% in dollars and 2.83% in units, BOOM! Studios at 2.43% in dollars and 2.31% in units, and Dynamite Entertainment at 2.15% in dollars and 2.02% in units.

This is a blatant rejection of the SJW themes and outright attack on the consumers. From the death of Wally West in Heroes In Crisis to the Joker becoming a SJW political leader in Batman: White Knight, DC Comics continues to thumb their noses at their fan base while praising mediocre work from their artists and writers. If they do not stop these bad business practices, sales will continue to decline, along with their prestige in the industry (and Marvel won’t be far behind.

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