StudioJake Comic Book Review- Doomsday Clock Issue 10

Dr. Manhattan explores the history of Superman and the DC Universe through the eyes of a Hollywood actor whose career seems to mysteriously mirror the Man of Steel. Here is my review of Doomsday Clock issue 10.

Check out my review below:

Geoff Johns is a brilliant writer, but I feel like this story has lost its way. With a great start in Gotham City with Batman battling Rorschach and Ozymandias having a battle of wits, the series has taken a bizarre twist. Former Watchmen member Dr. Manhattan is seeing the history of the Man of Steel through the eyes of a Hollywood actor, whose life is seemingly mirroring the Kryptonian. Why? It is never really made clear through the inner monologue of Dr. Manhattan. This is the problem, an epic crossover that has become convoluted.

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