StudioJake 117- Top 10 MCU Characters For Keanu Reeves To Play

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Recently, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige announced that Disney is closing a deal for John Wick actor Keanu Reeves to appear in the MCU. That has led to wild speculation on what character he should play. I give my ten suggestions that I think would fit him perfectly should he throw his hat in the ring of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Check out the episode below:

Here is my official list:

  • Mr. Fantastic– He has the range and fortitude to play the leader of Marvel’s first family the Fantastic Four.
  • Nova (Richard Rider)– Keanu has been seen in space, so why not play one of the most spacefaring heroes in Marvel.
  • Moon Knight– He hears voices and has split personalities. Reeves has played several odd and sometimes insane characters.
  • Gambit– The Cajun mutant has had several false starts and Keanu could kick it into gear.
  • Wonder Man– He is one of the most powerful Avengers who formerly worked as a villain. Reeves has the range to make it happen.
  • Chamber– Originally from Generation X, this mutant would later join the X-Men. His energy covers his body and leaves him deformed. I would like to see Reeves pull off this troubled character.
  • US Agent– With Steve Rogers retired, perhaps the MCU can introduce Reeves as Johnny Walker, another patriotic hero.
  • Doctor Doom– Want to go on the villainous side? Doom is one of the most miscast characters on film and television. Reeves could play the part well.
  • Thunderstrike– A human found worthy to lift Thor’s hammer and later given his own, he would be an interesting entry to the Avengers franchise with Reeves holding the hammer.
  • Wolverine– Why not? Hugh Jackman is out and while Scott Eastwood is still my favorite, I can see Keanu Reeves with the claws.

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