Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Underground

My favorite musician and violinist Lindsey Stirling’s album Brave Enough features the inspiring songs Forgotten City and First Light. She also does a combo song of the theme for Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame called EndGame of Thrones (which is awesome.) Today, I am highlighting her new single Underground.

Like many of her songs, this one has no lyrics. It relies on the beat, composition, and Stirling’s incredible talent with the violin. She is at the top of the game with this single and will serve as an excellent way to launch her “Artemis” tour. Per usual, it is nothing short of excellent and immediately grabs you.

The music video, likewise, is just as amazing. While it is directed by Tom Teller, it is edited by Lindsey Stirling. It tells a story of being confined. The characters dance their way in squares, triangles, and circles. While it is beautiful, it does show the confines of the nameless characters, but eventually, they are able to escape their prisons with their skills. It is a charming and insightful story while also showing off her dancing skills.

Check out the music video below:

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4 thoughts on “Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Underground

  1. There is a part… From 1:29-1:36 that sounds really familliar… Like from a linkin park song… Its driving me nuts and i feel like im going crazy….

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  4. I watched the video about twenty times now and listened to the song on it’s own a dozen times as well. My first impression of the video was that it had brilliant cinematography and special effects, Lindsey’s dancing was minimal but the other characters made up for it. The theme I saw was breaking free from binds that hold us back, without reading too much into it, the breaking free imagery was present in ‘Shatter Me’ and the sequel “Lost Girls” I believe Lindsey may be wanting to break free from something that has been holding her back…although it’s kind of silly to think anything holds this woman back.

    The song itself was very energetic and some in Lindsey fan circles on social media theorize she may be promoting a video game, with the Play Station circle, square, triangle …maybe even an imbedded cheat code, at one point in the video, the three shapes blink in rapid, seemingly random order, the way cheat codes are Easter-egged in some games. I personally felt this song was similar to one of her other great songs “Heist.” I can’t wait to see and hear more.

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