Graphic Novel Review- Madame Mirage Vol. 1

There is no question that Paul Dini is a genius writer. He has brought us some incredible stories and characters, including Harley Quinn, the on-again/off-again lover of Batman nemesis The Joker. Partnering with artist Kenneth Rocafort and Top Cow Production, he hits another home-run with neo-noir superhero Madame Mirage Volume 1, originally released in 2010.

In a future where superheroes were powered by high-tech machinery, they were blamed for the resulting villainy that plagued the world. This led to the heroes being jailed or worse. A group of villains formed the company Aggressive Solutions International, who hunt down the heroes and commit crimes under the radar.

ASI is doing good business until Madame Mirage arrives on the scene. This mysterious woman has the ability to create realistic illusions that are deadly to the villains at ASI who are searching desperately for the beautiful woman who is armed and deadly. In truth, Mirage is Angela, who works with her sister Harper who wants revenge for the imprisonment of their father. They will stop at nothing to bring ASI to its knees.

This is one of the most original stories I have read in a long time. Paul Dini is a master writer and he crafts an excellent with some dynamic characters. Mirage and her sister Harper are intriguing vigilantes, as are the masterminds behind ASI. It is a shame that the series did not continue, but ended after six issues. It would have been interesting to see Madame Mirage’s future.

I also want to give kudos to Rocafort, whose artwork you’ve seen in such titles as Batman, Superman, Teen Titans, and Avengers. His illustrations in this take it to another level and compliment the plot in an excellent way.

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