Music Review- Home Free: Dive Bar Saints

Written by Brandon Chase, Arlis Albritton, and Justin Morgan “Dive Bar Saints” is the main song on the music album of the same name by the country music and usually all vocal band Home Free.

Known for their covers of various country and pop songs, these guys always put that country twang in their music. It is a relaxing, simple song about meeting up with your friends at the local bar tavern for drinks and enjoying one another’s company.

While I rarely like the analogies between bars and churches, I did note that this song does it in an appropriate way. It is a song about coming together in friendship and just enjoying some time together. In a world of fast-paced social media posting, this is a message that needs sharing.

Update: a few readers have pointed out that there are no instruments, so I have corrected the review.

Check out the song below:

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27 thoughts on “Music Review- Home Free: Dive Bar Saints

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  5. Hi, Jacob! Thank you for your thoughts on Dive Bar Saints!! As you can see, Home Free’s fans (Home Fries) are fiercely protective of them! I encourage you to see them in person. You will be in for a huge treat! Thanks, again!

  6. You obviously do not know Home Free very well and have never seen them in concert. There is no band. There are 5 guys with amazing voices and 5 mics.

  7. Thanks so much for correcting your review. As you’ve said that you have not seen a live performance, please do to the website, and find one of their shows near you. You won’t be disappointed. Take it from one who has seen over 50 of their live shows.

  8. if you ever watched them on the sing off , watched a video or went to a concert you would know how WRONG you are. maybe you should do a little more research before you make such a statement. I have been to 2 concerts and watched every video.

  9. Thank you so much, Jacob, for your great review of Home Free. They’re a wonderful group of vocalists. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to one of their newest songs.

  10. You’ve obviously never seen Home Free preform have you? Every single note that sounds like an instrument comes from the Beatboxer Adam Rupp, one of The founding members of the group.

  11. One of my favorite bands I go see them live any time I can! Really love this new song! Thanks for the review I see you know they use no band ever! Total accapello it really is awesome!

  12. Just a heads up, Home Free doesn’t use instruments (with exception of Devil went Down to Georgia with Charlie Daniels). What you are hearing is all vocal and the incredible talents of their beatboxer/vocal percussionist Adam Rupp. Go check out a live performance and see for yourself.

  13. No offense dude but maybe you should do a little research. There are no instruments just 5 incredibly talented men using their amazing voices.

  14. I’m was very pleased by your positive review of Dive Bar Saints. It’s one of my favorite new songs. I just need to make one correction. This song also uses no instruments just like their other songs. They have an amazing beatboxer who can sound like a multitude of instruments and the bass does the sound of a bass guitar the result is an amazingly full sound. Some people don’t believe there are no instruments until they hear Home Free live and get to hear Adam (the beatboxer) do a solo performance.

  15. You are so wrong. Have you seen these guys perform? Everything they do is done all vocally, there is NO band or musical instruments used. These guys have amazing vocal talents, and speaks to how amazingly talented they are that you think there is a band supporting them, when in all actuality there isn’t.

  16. I love it!! As a long time super fan of Home Free, I can assure you that this song, and all of their music. is performed vocally only!! There is no band….never any instruments used in their music!! Their super talented beat boxer, Adam Rupp provides all of the band sounds with help from the bass, Tim Foust who does bass sounds. You are not the first to assume that they have a back up band! Adam Rupp is unbelievable at vocal percussion!!

  17. You are so very very wrong. There is NO band backing Home Free. Everything you hear on this song and on ALL songs they perform is done vocally. They have the very best beatboxer Adam Rupp who makes ALL the background sounds you hear on all their songs That’s just how good Adam is that you thought there was a band backing them.

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