Graphic Novel Review- For Molly Chapter One

For Molly Chapter One is a new indie graphic novel written and created by Gabe Cheng featuring art by Benjamin Sawyer. It started out as a webcomic before evolving into a print comic book.

A recently divorced New Yorker named Greg is going through grief at the failure of his marriage. His only support is his two sisters who try to cheer him up after he signs the papers. One sister invites him to housesit for her in New Jersey where he is attacked by a masked man but is rescued by an anti-social talking dog named Molly. This meeting will change his life forever.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gabe Cheng at Comic Con Revolution 2019. He described this story as a modern fantasy and provided me with a copy to read. He did not exaggerate. This is an emotional, thrilling, engaging, and fantastic story about an unlikely friendship. The artwork by Sawyer perfectly compliments the style and tone of the comic book.

Gabe Cheng is not satisfied to deliver just one story and I am glad for that. He has started a Kickstarter campaign to launch FOR MOLLY Chapter 2. It is important to support indie creators and Mr. Cheng delivers on every front.

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