Documentary Review- Borderless

Right-wing reporter and ‘gonzo journalist,’ (as she calls herself)-turned-filmmaker Lauren Southern released her new documentary Borderless. She narrates and hosts the feature as she travels throughout Europe to investigate the immigration crisis affecting the continent.

Southern travels from Morroco to Spain to Ireland and beyond speaking with immigrants, refugees, border security officials, farmers, politicians, and more to find out about the immigration crisis. She and her crew get rare insights as they speak with border officials, some of are on the take with human traffickers. They also speak with the communities affected by the crisis and many of the immigrants who have moved to Europe. These conversations are the most enlightening.

Borderless gains some insights into the crisis and even the politicians who abide over it. As whole communities are being affected by this, the politicians threaten any who dare speak out with accusations of defamation and racism. Meanwhile, the immigration themselves are also taken advantage of so that their labor remains cheap. It exposes the corruption of humanitarian organizations, NGOs, local officials, and even the United Nations. As of the writing of this review, a few exposed officials have been arrested or have lost their jobs.

As for aesthetics, the documentary is very well made. It is edited smoothly and the music does not overwhelm the conversation. Southern is an excellent host and is not afraid to get in the dirt with her crew as they journey.

One issue I take with the documentary is Southern’s association with Caolen Robertson, who co-directs the film. At one time, he worked for and with the radical left-wing group Hope Not Hate to smear Conservatives in the United Kingdom. He would later go on to make and retract sexual assault allegations against members of HNH before returning with his tail between his legs to the Right to work with Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson‘s own documentary Panodrama.

Aside from that, I found the documentary informative and eye-opening. It shows how politicians and activists want to frame the conversation according to ideology, but ultimately, it is a humanitarian crisis that is hurting not only the communities where migrants are being planted but how the refugees are being hurt by this crisis.

Check out the trailer below:

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