Comic Con Revolution 2019

This past weekend, I attended 2019’s Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California. It was a two-day convention that featured some amazing artists, cosplayers, and several panels where experts shared their insights.

On day one, it was a journey through the ‘artist galley’ and the indie comic corner where I met several talented illustrators including Katrina Kuntsman, the creator of the indie comic book series Pet Noir, a few members of the team over at Devil’s Due/1First Comics, a few reps from TKO Publishing, and several other amazing artists and writers who had some intriguing projects that showed creativity.

While there were several interesting panels, the two that were the most interesting included a marketing panel for those interested in getting some publicity for their projects. The second panel was ‘The Transformers 35th Anniversary,’ featuring voice actors Michael Bell (Prowl, Swoop), Paul Eiding (Perceptor), Dan Gilvezan (Bumble Bee, Skids), Alan Oppenheimer (Warpath, Beachcomber), and Gregg Berger (Grimlock) from the classic 1980s series told some behind-the-scenes stories from the production of the animated series I would call that a successful first day.

One the second day, I went to a panel about complying anthology. As a writer, I enjoyed that panel a great deal and found it extremely informative. It was packed with several experts who have compiled anthologies for science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, and more. I also attended a Spider-Man panel that featured the co-creator of Spider-Man: Noir, Fabrice Sapolsky. They mostly talked about how media influenced the comic books from Aunt May to Peter Parker’s costume. Some interesting information, but nothing I haven’t heard before.

Comic Con Revolution was a fun event with some interesting and very creative booths. I met some really cool writers, artists, cosplayers, and fans who really know how to have a good time. I cannot wait until next year.

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