Facebook Removes, Restores Nerd Site ‘Bounding Into Comics’ Page

Nerd culture website Bounding Into Comics experienced a near deplatforming on May 7th when they reported the social media giant Facebook removed their page without any prior warning or even a clear explanation on why they did, the website reports.

The incident occurred when the website published an article on the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. According to editor John Trent, he was logged out of his personal page and when he logged back in, found that Bounding Into Comics had been given a warning about copyright violation and had been removed from Facebook. One message from the social media giant said, “If you continue to post content that infringes or violates others’ rights or otherwise violates the law, you could be temporarily blocked from posting content on Facebook, or even have your account permanently disabled.” No clarification was given and the page was removed.

Fortunately, on May 8th, Facebook made an about-face after receiving backlash from the over 250K followers of the page. The tech website gave a very vague response on to why the page was taken down and refused to comment further. On May 9th, Trent confirmed that nothing appears to be removed and that the page was restored fully.

In an interview with Bleeding Fool, Trent explained what the victory meant for Bounding Into Comics.

“It means a number of different things,” he said. “Ultimately, we want to turn a profit. But we also want to keep expanding and growing into other streams. I mentioned branching out into more video games and anime. And hopefully we will be able to really dive into creating and expanding our content to video. Success also means being honest with ourselves and maintaining our integrity and respect for our fans and readers. We also want to be the premiere source for entertainment news. We are still young and have a ways to go, but we are making large strides despite Facebook’s recent deletion of our page.”

Trent encouraged fans to follow Bounding Into Comics on other platforms, including MeWe.

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