Graphic Novel Review- Jawbreakers: Lost Souls

From the era of ComicsGate, comic book veteran Richard C. Meyer has always been a critique of the comic book industry move toward intersectionality and social justice warrior content. Instead of whining about it, he did something about it. He teamed up with artists Jon Malin, Brett R. Smith, and Eric Weathers to recreate the classic 90s characters in his new book Jawbreakers: Lost Souls from Splatto Comics.

A group of ex-superheroes lead by Silkworm, who can spin energy webs, have become mercenaries in the days after the not-so-glorious days of being a team of heroes. They are Hellpriest, a blind preacher who can see souls, Knife-Hand, a martial artist with glowing hands, the super strong and bulletproof Kuffz, the red-masked sharpshooter Devil Dog, and ace pilot Kill Switch. After a successful, yet messy job in France, the team takes a mission in Africa from a mysterious, yet beautiful woman named Xaxi.

The target is a giant gorilla who was caught in a magical vortex long ago. At first, the team tries to destroy it, but upon realizing the giant ape is the target of an evil warlord looking to weaponize it, they decide to shift their mission as hordes of gunmen charge them in the plains.

“The Nineties are back… with a vengeance!” That is the tag-line on the back of the book and the promise was not let down. Meyer promised that he could produce a comic book that is entertaining, action-packed, and not bogged by politics. He did not lie. It was an excellent thrill-ride that was refreshing. No long monologues about life, but instead conveyed its message through the actions of the characters. That is what comic books are all about. An added bonus was getting to read it with the exclusive cover by comic book legends Ethan Van Sciver and Kyle Ritter.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the lawsuit from Meyer brought against comic book writer Mark Waid. The suit alleges that Waid committed “tortious interference” in a deal Meyer made with Antartic Press to release Jawbreaker. While the suit is ongoing, it is a shame that, if what Meyer is alleging is true, that the industry is so consumed with the left-wing version of diversity that they are sabotaging other creators.

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