Top 10 Personas Of The Hulk

Bruce Banner has been turning angry since his creation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and his first appearance in the debut issue for “The Incredible Hulk.” He has been a villain, anti-hero, Avenger, Defender, but all he wants is to be left alone. While many folks have been taken on variations of the Hulk, I wanted to show off Bruce Banner’s power (minus his main form). Here is my list of Top 10 Incarnations Of The Hulk:

10. Old Man Hulk– In a future that could have been, Hulk has become a horrible gang leader and evil-doer. He meets Old Man Logan and they have a terrifying battle.

Marvel Comics/Villains Wikia

09. Kluh– The Hulk’s hulk. When all hope is lost, the Kluh emerges with black skin, gray hair, and red, scaly lines. He is extremely powerful and bested all of the Avengers with little effort.

Marvel Comics/Villains Wikia

08. Skulk– In the DC Comics/Marvel merged Amalgam universe, as Bruce Banner is about to be exposed to the gamma bomb, Solomon Grundy appeared on the field. The radiation merged the two and now when Banner gets angry he turns into Solomon Grundy.

Marvel Comics/Amalgam Database

07. Chapter One– In an alternate reality, Bruce Banner is shot by a gamma laser in the 1990s. Instead of the Cold War setting and developing a weapon. Though it was tested as a reboot, it is now considered a non-canon story.

Marvel Comics/Marvel Database

06. Gray (Grey) / Mr. Fixit– The one that kicked it off. After Banner came into contact with that gamma bomb, he would turn gray by the light of the moon, until Banner would learn it was his anger that would cause the change. This version would later become a bouncer in Las Vegas as Mr. Fixit.

New World Animation/Marvel Films/Marvel Studios/Saerom Animation

05. Maestro– In an alternate timeline, Hulk became the Maestro, a devious and cunning tyrant who enslaved the Earth with his power.

Marvel Comics/Wikimedia

04. Professor Hulk– Banner managed to merge his genius with the Hulk. Though he still becomes strong with anger, he could still put his scientific mind to good use.

Marvel Comics/Awesome Hulk Wiki

03. Green Scar Hulk– After the Illuminati blasted Hulk into space, he was captured by the Red King of Sakaar. After fighting as a gladiator, he overthrew the Red King and married. However, after the ship that brought him explodes, he takes a band of surviving warriors to Earth and wages war on the Avengers and other heroes he blames for the Sakaar’s destruction.

Marvel Comics/Hulk Wiki

02. Dark Hulk– Appearing in The Incredible Hulk animated series, the Hulk is possessed by a dark entity that uses the Hulk’s physical power and only with the help of Dr. Strange can he be set free from the being. This form would appear in the comics.

Marvel Comics/Marvel Animated Universe Wiki

01. Split Hulk– During Jason Aaron’s run on The Incredible Hulk comic books, Dr. Doom managed to scientifically split Hulk and Bruce Banner, however, it changes both of them. Banner becomes an obsessed mad scientist and Hulk becomes an unlikely hero, leading you to wonder, who is the monster?

Marvel Comics

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