‘Justice League VS. The Fatal Five’ Review- Throwback To The DCAU

Justice League VS The Fatal Five is a film set in the continuity of the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) which includes Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited. Directed by Sam Liu, it features the Gardener Fox created DC Comics villains from the 31st century, the Fatal Five.

Tharok (Peter Jessop), Persuader (Matthew Yang King) and Mano (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez), three members of the Fatal Five, steals a spherical time machine from the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century. Star Boy (Elyes Gabel) follows them and manages to trap them in stasis. Being somewhat unstable, he loses his memory and begins wandering around Gotham City only to be captured by Batman (Kevin Conroy) and taken to Arkham Asylum. Superman (George Newbern) finds the mysterious globe and takes it to the Watchtower.

Ten months later, new Green Lantern Jessica Cruz (Diane Guerrero) is struggling with PTSD and doubts her position on the Justice League, despite encouragement from Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg). Superman and Mr. Terrific (Kevin Michael Richardson) inadvertently release the three villains from the time sphere and they cause chaos in Metropolis. Star Boy sees this on the news and regains his memory despite the best efforts of Batman and Miss Martian (Daniela Bobadilla). The Justice League realize Star Boy is an ally and despite his mental health, he is their only key to stopping the reunification of the Fatal Five.

This movie has a lot of nostalgia. Fortunately, it is not built on it like Batman & Harley Quinn. Instead, it crafts a very exciting Justice League story with all of your favorite voices. Newbern, Conroy, Eisenberg, are all in top form as the DC Trinity. I also want to give a special shout out to Richardson who hit a home-run for portraying Mr. Terrific, replacing Michael Beach from JLU.

I did have some problems with the film. Since it is canon to the DCAU, I was not expecting the foul language. I thought it was unnecessary and it was unnecessary to the story. Also, Miss Martian as a character should not have been a thing. I get they wanted to focus on some different leaguers outside of some of the more familiar ones, but they still should have brought in a character that is connected to the league with a stronger connection.

As for the story, I appreciated the focus on characters who do not have it all together. Star Boy is mentally unstable, but he overcomes that to be a hero. Likewise, Jessica Cruz is struggling with her new calling as a Green Lantern. Her struggle is incredibly relatable and it gives the movie a stable message that is tacked on but fortified through the story.

Bottom line, this is an incredible adventure and throwback to the DCAU. The story is interesting, the plot compelling, and it reminds us about what Saturday morning cartoons great, while also building on that impressive craft.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Violence, Brief Thematic elements

FAVORITE QUOTE: We need to know what he knows.

Check out the trailer below:

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