There Is Panic Over James Woods The Walking Dead Joke

Award-winning James Woods (TV’s Shark, Salvador, Casino) earned the ire of the SJWs, faux-nerd outlets, and the cast of The Walking Dead when he joked about the departure of Andrew Lincoln and the landscape of the series.

On Wednesday, Woods tweeted:

Granted, the joke was a little insulting and I did not think it was funny. That being said, it is fair to criticize the show since it has really gone downhill since the death of Emily Kinney’s character and totally off the rails after Glenn Rhee’s character was eliminated in brutal fashion.

That did not stop the outrage machine from coming after him. called the remark “sexist” in not just one, but two different articles. The first featured Michael Cudlitz (whose response was simple disagreement, not panic) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who cheered on Cudlitz.

To be clear, I am not begrudging two former actors of TWD defending their former show. By all means, I would hope they do. My problem is with the outrageous accusations of ‘sexism’ against a joke (an unfunny one) just because it offended the writers of the panic induced nerd outlets.

The headlines included, The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz Shuts Down James Woods Over Sexist “All-Chick Zombie Series” Remark and The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Responds to James Woods’ “Bullsh*t” Sexist Tweet. How is that news that a couple of actors reacted to a Twitter joke? It was nothing more than an attempt to paint James Woods, who supports President Trump, as some sort of misogynist. This “incident” is not news.

Cudlitz had the most honest take.  While he sharply disagreed with Woods comments, he said on Twitter, “I don’t care about @RealJamesWoods politics. That’s not what this is about ….. He is a terrific talent. He just said something that isn’t true about a situation he knows nothing about.”

Disagreement with no personal attacks or outlandish headlines. Imagine that.

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