As Seen On TheBlaze, BoldTV, And Fox News: The Seven Royals: All Good Things

You’re favorite fairy tales are brought to life in my latest novel “The Seven Royals: All Good Things.” I worked for seven years on this fantasy fiction to bring you an epic tale of courage, terror, and beauty for the ages.

It has had numerous appearances in media including TheBlaze’s The Drew Berquist Show, BoldTV’s Diane Falzone, and it was shouted on Fox New by The Five the very lovely Dana Perino. It has been very humbling to see so much interest in my novel. Faith Moore, CS Johnson, and so many others have been incredibly supportive during this time!

Thank you to everyone!

You can purchase your copy at Barnes & NobleAmazon,or get an e-book at Book Locker.

Here is the official synopsis:

On the world of Paraina, seven young royals from the land of Craih have been banished from their kingdoms by an evil mage and a grieving emperor, but under the leadership of Prince Jasher, they must return to claim their birthright and set their people free.

Jasher, Philip, Talia, Connor, Rapunzel, James, and Belle were living peaceful lives until Emperor Midas and the evil magician Fabius Thorne attacked their lands with their dark army. The young Dragon Prince Jasher is put into a frozen sleep while the others are scattered for their protection. Ten years later, Jasher awakens with a mystical blue sword and sets out to find the other six. Along the way, the royals encounter friends, foes, and unexpected allies as they journey back to their homeland. However, Thorne’s apprentice Omri is tracking them with murder on his mind.

Get a copy for yourself, your friend, loved one, or family member and please leave me a review! I would appreciate it a great deal!

The cover art was done by the incredible artist Rebecca Shapiro! Check out her work here.

You can find me on everywhere on social media! Facebook: Author Jacob Airey | Patreon: Click Here | Instagram: realjacobairey| Twitter: @realJacobAirey | YouTube: StudioJake

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