Joy Villa Stuns Again At This Year’s Grammys

Singer – songwriter and number 1 Billboard musician Joy Villa is known for bringing some sense to the world of Hollywood. In 2017, she wowed with a “Make America Great Again” dress. In 2018, she took a stand for life with a dress that featured a painting of a sonogram. This year, she stunned with a dress that looked like President Donald Trump’s proposed barrier for the border. When it expands, it says, “Build the wall.”

Take a look at it on Twitter:

Joy has recently launched a short documentary series on YouTube, her most recent episode covered the Walkaway March.

She has long been a supporter of the president. She and I spoke about her journey from being a Leftist to a Trump support and other topics of great importance on StudioJake. Her music, such as the song Devil In The City, has been well received.

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