Top 5 Captain America Costumes

Marvel Comics may be determined to ruin Captain America’s brand by making him reject his loyalty to America, but I want to show my solidarity with the classic version who is a proud patriot. Here is my Top 5 Captain America Costumes (besides the classic look seen above):

5. Super Solider:

Marvel and DC Comics briefly put aside their differences to create an ‘Amalgam’ universe that combined several of their iconic characters. Captain American was merged with Superman to create the Super Soldier.

4. Director of SHIELD:

During Bucky’s tenure as Cap, Rogers briefly became the Director of SHIELD and wore this navy blue uniform adapted in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

3. Bucky Barnes:

Steve Rogers’ sidekick Bucky Barnes became Captain America while Steve Rogers was technically dead. He would continue on until the Fear Itself story-arc.

2. The Return:

Steve Rogers lost his youth after a strange encounter, but returned with a new shield and zest to the Avengers with this new costume.

1. Ultimate:

No one despises the Ultimate Comics more than I, but Ultimate Captain America brought a more patriotic take on the character that had previously only been touched on.

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