Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Kingdom Hearts

My favorite musician Lindsey Stirling’s newest album Brave Enough features the inspiring songs Forgotten CityMirage, and First Light. She returns to her roots of doing covers of some of your favorite music by doing the theme to the hit video game “Kingdom Hearts.”

Lindsey Stirling does an amazing job as usual. I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of “Kingdom Hearts,” but I know it has a huge fan base in the gaming community. They should have no problem enjoying this beautiful cover of this infamous Disney video game music.

As for the music video, it has stunning art sequences done by Zeablast. Each image is themed to “Kingdom Hearts” and goes appropriately with its combination of anime style, three dimensions, and subtle movements placed within the art cut scenes. It is definitely one you will want to watch from beginning to end.

Check it out below:

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