Movie Review- Reign of the Supermen

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment makes it’s second attempt to adapt one of the most infamous comic book story-arcs as the twelfth addition to the DC Animated Movie Universe: Reign of the Superman. It is directed by Sam Liu and put out by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Films.

Six months after the events of The Death Of Supermanthe Justice League is spread thin fighting the major supervillains. In the absence of the Man of Steel, Metropolis has seen four new Supermen arrive. The hardhearted Eradicator (Charles Halford), the young Superboy (Cameron Monaghan), the armor-clad Steel (Cress Williams), and the mysterious Cyborg Superman (Patrick Fabian).

Lois Lane (Rebecca Romijn) is unconvinced of each one being the authentic Superman, especially when Superboy is revealed to be sponsored by Lex Luthor (Rainn Wilson). Things escalate when the Justice League is seemingly destroyed by an invading army of Parademons, but the Cyborg Superman is solidified as a hero in the eyes of the public. This forces Luthor and Lois to work together to solve the mystery of the Supermen as Darkseid (Tony Todd) waits in the wings.

It is a sad moment when Warner Bros. realizes that their animation is doing better than their live action films. While it is true that some of their animated features have been lackluster, (Batman And Harley Quinn comes to mind), they have really stepped up their game when it comes to this main universe of animated films.

The animation, the voice cast, and how they adapted this comic book story-arc was done very well. They did not try to drown the audience in pretension or try to go full grim. They simply adapted a popular story-arc, adjusted it for modern times, and brought in a talented team to make the movie come to life. Why does Warner Bros. have to try to make their DCEU films filled with philosophical nonsense to make the movies seem “artsy?” It is pointless.

That is not to say the movie did not have its fault. Jason O’Mara returned as Batman, but it sounded like he had a cold the whole time. Also, Shazam, Aquaman, and John Stewart Green Lantern were mysteriously missing, despite being established as members in previous films. Of course, they attempt to explain this away with a line of dialogue, but it still made you wonder why they did not just have a cameo.

Despite that, the film is a cut above for DC Comics. While you do need to at least see the previous film, new fans will enjoy it, old time nerds can cheer, as it does the Superman tales justice.

FAVORITE QUOTE: There is only one Superman.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Foul language, and some minor scandalous joking

Check out the trailer below:

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