New Comedy Sketch ‘Diversity Firing’ Spoofs Woke Outrage

The comedy sketch group team Riot Act released their latest in spoofing the woke outrage mob in ‘Diversity Firing.’ In this new sketch, a media company is facing a scandal from social media after one of their employees outrages the SJWs. The CEO wants to get a handle on the situation, but the overzealous HR Director has some woke ideas to solve the problem.

Watch the video below:

Featuring my Daily Wire colleague Paul Bois and comedian Adam Yenser (who also directed and wrote the sketch, respectively), as a HR rep and CEO Lester Phillips of Blue Sky, Inc. Sporting a ‘Future Is Female Shirt,’ the HR Rep calls for the firing of one of his colleagues when a recent chat revealed he asked to borrow a monkey wrench. The insanity continues as the CEO offers seemingly sensible solutions to each problem, only to be countered by the bizarre demands of the SJW HR Rep, including the firing of one employee who disliked The Last Jedi.

The sketch is meant to be an exaggerated spoof, but it proves that old adage, “it’s funny because it’s true.” While ten years ago, this sketch would have been funny for being zany, it is now funny because you have no doubt seen a blog or Tumblr post decrying the same offenses as the sketch. Definitely watch it and share with all your friends.

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