Anime Movie Review- Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess is a 2012 Japanese anime film directed by Masaya Fujimori based on the manga and anime Fairy Tail created by  Hiro Mashima. Taking place after the ‘Infinity Clock’ story-arc, it is an original story by the staff at the Shochiku movie company with the screenplay being written by Masashi Sogo. This review is based on the 2013 English dub.

A village worshiping the Phoenix is attacked by raiders, but the high priest manages to escape with the priestess Éclair (Jessica Calvello). As he dies, he gives her half of a stone and a drop of Phoenix blood.

Fast forward 400 years later, Fairy Tail guild wizards Lucy Heartfilia (Cherami Leigh), Natsu Dragneel (Todd Haberkorn), Gray Fullbuster (Newton Pittman), Erza Scarlet (Colleen Clinkenbeard), and Wendy Marvell (Brittney Karbowski),with their flying cat sidekick Happy (Tia Ballard) and Carla (Jad Saxton) are returning to the city of Magnolia after failing to earn money from a job. Lucy happens to run into an exhausted Éclair and her bird companion Momon (Tiffany Grant).

After Fairy Tail takes her in and help her find a hologram of her father where she learns of the power of the half Phoenix stone she carries. When they return to the guild hall, they are attacked and defeated by the Carbuncle dark guild, sent to capture Éclair. After the guild hall is destroyed, the evil wizards kidnap Éclair, where an greedy Duke wants to use her as a sacrifice to unite the two halves of the magic stones and resurrect the immortal Phoenix to help him conquer the realm.

Unlike most movie spin-offs of anime films, Phoenix Priestess actually seems to fit in the series. It matches pretty well with the anime  and is a perfect compliment to the mythology within the realm. With the exception of the guild hall, most of the action took place in areas outside of the usual Earth Land environments so that the movie’s impacts would be smaller. This was a wise move.

I was pleased to see that Funimation did the dubbing, so that brought together the English voice cast. Todd Haberkorn was a powerhouse as Natsu. He portrays his character so well. He delivers every line with precision and skill. Likewise, Cherami Leigh and Jessica Calvello were amazing as Lucy and Éclair, respectively.

One of the things I appreciate about Fairy Tail is the emphasis on family. The guild sees one another as one big family and they would do anything to protect that family, even at the defiance of those who sit above them. It is an important lesson that is missing in American animation.

This film is probably one of my new favorite anime films. It delivers on every level and brings together a mythology that fantasy fans everywhere can enjoy.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Violence, Disturbing images

FAVORITE QUOTES: Now I’m all fired up!

Check out the trailer below:

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