Star Trek 4 Could Be Shelved

After Star Trek Beyond got little love from audiences and critics, the hunt for a new Trekker director was on. The proposed Star Trek 4 was to be mistakenly directed by Quentin Tarantino, but after a scandal, he was dropped in favor of British director SJ Clarkson, whom was also in talks of directing a spin-off. Now CNet is reporting that Clarkson is leaving the project in order to direct a ‘Game of Thrones,’ prompting Paramount Pictures to shelve the project.

This comes as a complete shock to fans, who had heard rumors that Chris Pine would be seating in the captain chair again, with Chris Hemsworth returning as James Kirk’s father for a potential sequel. However, the two seemed to have engaged in a pay dispute with Paramount Pictures. Honestly, Spock being recast for television should have been a clue. With no director and the loss of two stars, it seems the fourth Trek entry is being put on hold.

Personally, I am slightly disappointed. I enjoyed these films (yes, even Star Trek Beyond) and, apart from Pine, I was looking forward to seeing Zachary Quinto as Spock and Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard McCoy. The three of them were the best at capturing their roles. I would add that the rest of the cast had excellent cohesion and even though not every new cast member nailed the classic characters, I think there could have been at least five films in this franchise.

Fans do not need to despair too much. The television shows seem to be going full steam. Star Trek Discovery is entering its second season, a Captain Picard spin-off with Patrick Stewart is coming, two animated shows, and a series based on Starfleet Academy is coming down in the near future.

Hopefully, CBS (who owns the television rights to the franchise) will not only put these television shows on their streaming service, but will also allow those fans who like to watch TV the old fashion way will be able to enjoy it as well.

If showrunners and executive producers of the Star Trek franchise can repair the franchise, it could be a powerhouse. Nerds, especially those who love science fiction, have had a hole in their hearts after the disastrous Star Wars missteps. Sure, Star Trek Enterprise may have soured a bit, but CBS and Paramount have a profound opportunity here. Hopefully, they will not squander it.

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