10 Dragon Ball Z Villains That Should Become Canon

With Dragon Ball Super: Broly approaching its theatrical release in the United States, we look forward to seeing the legendary Super Saiyan joining the main canon of the series. This marks the second film that is considered an active part of the series by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. It stands to reason that if Broly can join the official canon, then why not some of the villains from the films and video games? Here is a list of 10 Dragon Ball Z Villains That Should Become Canon who aren’t already.

Cunber (Super Dragon Ball Heroes) – Perhaps even stronger than Broly, he is an ancient evil Saiyan that challenges Goku and Vegeta on Prison Planet from the hit video game.

Hoi (Wrath of the Dragon) – The evil mage sought to awaken an evil dragon that could consume the universe, fortunately he was stopped by the Z Fighters.

Android 21 (Dragon Ball FighterZ) – Android 21 is a deadly android that steals the abilities of Majin Buu to turn her enemies into treats and devouring them, allowing her power to increase.

Turles (Tree of Might) – This secret Saiyan and look-a-like to Goku proved to be quite the foe to the Z Fighters.

Cooler (Cooler’s Revenge, Revenge of Cooler) – After the death of Frieza, his mysterious older brother arrived to kill Goku in vengeance. He proved to be more powerful than his young sibling, but Goku still defeated him. He would return as Meta-Cooler to cause more trouble for the Z Fighters.

Bojack (Bojack Unbound) – He’s an evil alien who was banished to another dimension, but managed to escape to cause havoc on earth. An adult Gohan and Future Trunks have to stop him.

Janemba (Fusion Reborn) –  An accidentally created villain named Janemba tears open a crack in Other World, allowing dead villains to escape onto Earth. While the Z Fighters battle the undead armies, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta to fight him. While the movie wasn’t that good, he would make a solid villain.

Android 13 (Super Android 13) – He is introduced in a film that takes place right after the Cell Saga.

Hirudegarn (Wrath of the Dragon) – This dragon is a monstrous villain that Goku had to develop a whole new move to defeat him.

Dr. Fu (Super Dragon Ball Heroes) – First introduced in the video games, he is seen in the short anime OVAs based on Super Dragon Ball Heroes. He is an evil genius that uses his scientific novel to grow in power.

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