StudioJake 101- Why Star Wars Episode IX Will Fail

I am back! It is the New Year and as we enter the new season of StudioJake, I have decided to come back swinging with one of my favorite topics. That is right, Star Wars. I break down how Disney has ruined LucasFilms and how we can possibly bring it back. Plus, my new anime obsessions and what I think of the Gotham final season premier.

Watch the episode below:

Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and Rian Johnson have single-handedly ruined Star Wars. There is no other way to explain it. While Rogue One and even Solo had some redeeming qualities about them, this new trilogy has none. It is nothing but an attempt by Disney to try to cash in on the social justice wimp movement.

The attempt to explain it away or blame trolls is pathetic. After The Force Awakens, they should have known that the fans want more things Star Wars instead of doubling down on scoring political points with the movie critics in the upper echelon of Hollywood for The Last Jedi. Those folks are few and far between, but it is the fans that are numerous.

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3 thoughts on “StudioJake 101- Why Star Wars Episode IX Will Fail

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