Hulk Gets Infected With The SJW Virus

Bleeding Fool shared this very disturbing image from a recent Hulk issue within Marvel Comics written by Al Ewing. The green Goliath is having a conversation with some random character no one has ever heard about or cared about. They are talking about how this SJW person wants the Hulk’s power because… uh reasons.

Check out the screenshot on Twitter:

There is so much wrong with this picture. For one thing, why is Hulk giving this rando chick the time of day? His anger aims at anyone and everyone who will not leave him alone. It is clearly just meant to hit the SJW political point scale. Race. Check. Gender. Check. Guns. Check. Power dynamic. Check. The conversation is nothing more, but to get a pat on the back from Tumblr users.

I also have to mention this comment about the Avengers / Illuminati shooting Banner into space during ‘Planet Hulk’ and not ‘shooting at him’ literally makes no sense. THE WHOLE REASON THEY SHOT HULK INTO SPACE IS BECAUSE HE IS BULLETPROOF. Sorry for yelling, but has Ewing read a single issue of The Incredible Hulk prior to writing this idiocy? People have been shooting at Hulk since Bruce Banner was hit by the gamma bomb.

For crying out loud, people have tried to shoot Dormammu, the Dr. Strange villain who is an invincible being from a different dimension. Virtually every hero, black, white, gay, straight, has been shot at by guns, lasers, missiles, spiritual energy, or whatever. Ignoring this fact to score a SJW point is insane.

The whole reason readers are turning away from Marvel Comics and DC Comics is because of the virtue signaling Mary Sues who can just walk up to the Hulk and have conversations about having his sex, race, and anger.

It is insanity that Marvel Comics allowed this panel to exist in the first place. This is why fans are turning to indie alternatives like Kamen American and Lonestar to fill the void as the characters we have come to love like Batman and The Hulk fade away at the alter of scoring political points to please a crowd that does not buy comic books in the first place.

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This article has been updated from a previous version.


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