#AmReading – A Knight’s Quest for the Holy Grail By CS Johnson

CS Johnson, one of my favorite writers, has her own take on the search for the Holy Grail. It is a well-known Middle Age-legend, but Johnson puts her own twist in the story in A Knight’s Quest for the Holy Grail.

According to the book summary,

It’s not always the quest for the cup. Sometimes, it’s the quest for what’s in the cup.

Lance wants nothing more than to be there to fight the dragons for his beloved Princess Alexandra. With his faithful steed by his side, Lance sets out for the magic elixir found only in the Holy Grail. With its strengthening power, facing off an old hag, the bewitching woods, and the strange ogre who lives under a bridge should be easy. But when it comes to Alexandra’s dragons, things aren’t quite what they all seem to be.

Will Lance’s gift be enough — or will his princess require something even more powerful to sustain her?

This is a fun, short novella that has a funny twist on the legend. As a fan of Arthurian fiction, I loved this story and thought it was an excellent take on the stories. As usual, CS Johnson is the go-to author for fantasy and a little bit of parody. Check it out especially if you are looking for a good addition to your Kindle.

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