‘Armageddon Harassed’ Short Perfectly Captures The #MeToo Insanity

My fellow Daily Wire writer Paul Bois and comedian Adam Yenser released this hilarious parody video lampooning how the #MeToo scandal has gotten out of control. While the movement started bringing down alleged sexual abusers like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, the movement soon became about smearing men who had no way of defending themselves from accusations.

In this short, Space Force astronaut Dick Missile must save mankind from the impending doom of an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, but what happens when an accuser steps forward to make an accusation without proof?

Check out ‘Armageddon Harassed’ below:

‘Armageddon Harassed’ hits all of the hilarious highpoints. A woman who claims to be harassed when she and the hero Dick Missile were working at Radio Shack. A woman with an accusation from year’s ago. Also, the MSM is hit pretty hard with their salacious and scandalous way at handling the story. It is a humorous sketch that is well-written and well-performed by all of the talent involved.

You may recall that Paul Bois and Adam Yenser were the minds behind “Here’s How Much The Left Hates Blackface,” a satirical look at how NBC handled the firing of former anchor Megyn Kelly.

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