Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Warmer In The Winter

The Deluxe Edition of Lindsey’s Christmas Album “Warmer in the Winter” has so many great songs like Christmas C’MonSanta Baby, and the fun-loving title song itself.

Warmer In The Winter departs from her usual fun and goes into Jazz and Big Band. It is a style that Stirling has used before to perfection and it is no different here. She does a fantastic job with the song and though she mainly known for her instrumental violin playing, she actually gives us a taste at her singing ability in this song. She does have a remarkable voice and it matches perfectly with this piece, providing the balance that it needs to become a well-known Christmas melody.

As for the music video, it takes us down the path of her well-known gymnastic abilities. She gives us all of the grace that she has and combines it with the fast-paced Jazz-style that makes this song unique to her type of music. It is a simple back-drop with back-up dancers and a musical score that will have you snapping your fingers along for the holidays.

Check out the music video below:

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3 thoughts on “Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Warmer In The Winter

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