#AmReading – The Protector Ethic by James V Morganelli

The Protector Ethic: Morality, Virtue, and Ethics in the Martial Way by James V Morganelli writes this very unique book on Martial Arts, personal responsibility, and philosophy. It was not your typical book on ethics or a ‘self-help’ guide. It is a thoughtful book on learning about yourself and going on a journey that will help grow you as a person, mentally and morally.

The book opens with a heartbreaking story of a robbery that soon turns to murder. Passengers on a train look on as the perpetrator attacks the victim and do nothing. Morganelli uses this as a backdrop to build a case for bringing morality back to our lives.

According to the book’s description,

Readers will:

  • Understand natural law, protective instinct, and self-risk.
  • Examine the martial way of valuing, reasoning, judging, and acting.
  • Discover how moral relativism, political correctness, and contrived social-justice campaigns do not make people equal. They can actually dehumanize us.
  • Recognize what it means to be an ethical warrior.

This is one of the most insightful books that I have read in a long time. Morganelli makes a clear case for what he is advocating, but not once do you feel that he’s being pushy, self-aggrandizing, or preachy. He addresses Martial Arts philosophy and how to apply the ways of the warrior to your own life in a practical way.

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