10 Entertainers You WON’T See Hosting The Oscars

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Comedian and actor Kevin Hart was recently announced as the host for next year’s Academy Awards ceremony. The pick seemed to make sense, but of course, SJWs have already thrown a hissy fit over it from past remarks he made. Hart gave a response saying, “Stop looking for reasons to be negative.” However, the mounting pressure of idiots who have never kept a job forced him to resign.

If Kevin Hart, one of the stars of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, who has fully supported special snowflakes, is forced to quit because of morons, could you imagine if someone who was Conservative or just politically incorrect got tapped to do the part? They would not get by unscathed from the vitriolic attacks from the Hollywood elite or the mainstream media. Here is a list of ten entertainers you won’t see hosting the Oscars.

Michael Knowles– He’s the writer of blank books and the star of ‘Another Kingdom.’

Alfonzo Rachel– The rock band drummer and Gosnell actor is also comedian and YouTuber with a gift for snark.

Joy Villa– She is a singer-songwriter who always makes a splash wherever she goes.

Bridget Phetasy– Writer, stand-up comedian, and podcast, she could bring down the house.

Nicole Arbour– She might be politically correct, but she is funny, talented, and has a bit musical talent.

Kevin Sorbo– He’s a talented actor with a prolific television and movie career.

Erica Rhodes– She does jokes.

Stacey Dash– While she made an appearance at the Oscars a few years ago when Chris Rock hosted, you could tell from the Hollywood elite that this talented actress was not exactly welcomed.

Chad Prather– He’s a podcaster and a traveling comedian with good ol’ fashion Southern charm.

Anjelah Johnson– She is a hilarious comedian and former MADtv star with several specials up her sleeve.

Not all of these comedians are Conservative, some of them just play it straight with some politically incorrect humor. That is enough to keep them off of Hollywood’s speed dial. It is a shame because each of them are talented entertainers, actors, and stand-up comedians.

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