Movie Review- Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

I will be totally and utterly honest. I think that the Teen Titans Go animated series is an embarrassment to DC Comics. However, on a plane ride there were free movies, but all were basically sad b-movies. Thus, I chose Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. However, this film, directed by Peter Rida Michail and Aaron Horvath, is actually enjoyable.

The Teen Titans known as Robin (Scott Menville), Cyborg (Khary Payton), Raven (Tara Strong), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), and Starfire (Hynden Walch) live in the shadows of the Justice League. Batman (Jimmy Kimmel), Superman (Nicholas Cage), and Wonder Woman (Halsey) are getting the true Hollywood treatment.

Robin becomes jealous after even Batman’s utility belt is getting a film, making him feel left out of the comic book movie craze. However, the Teen Titans encounter Slade (Will Arnett), a villain who gives Robin a boost in the entertainment industry. With an arch-nemesis to fight, his credibility as a superhero soaring, he has film kudos. But it seems to be straining his relationships with his teammates.

I started this film with incredibly low expectations, but I ended up having a really good time. While a lot of the gags are meant for kids, the movie is actually a pretty good parody of superhero films. While some jokes fall flat, it hits every note. The bizarre castings, the paparazzi, the lip service to characters no one cares about, and even a cameo by Stan Lee (RIP) are featured.

I enjoyed the nostalgia, the Easter eggs, the playful banter, and the voice casting was spot on with the single exception of Jimmy Kimmel. (Needless to say, he was a pretty terrible Batman.) With that in mind, it was fun to see Nicholas Cage finally get his chance to play the Man of Steel.

I stand by what I said about the television show. It is an embarrassment to Cartoon Network and DC Comics. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good, enjoyable film that the whole family can enjoy.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Titans! Why did you do that to Superman? He’s a national treasure!

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Rude Humor

Check out the trailer below:

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