Comic Book Review- Batman Issue 56

Warning some spoilers from Issue 55.

Tom King picks up right after Nightwing was shot in the head by none other than the Beast, previously known as KGBeast. The assassin return to Siberia where he has a nostalgic discussion with his father, a fellow hitman who previous worked for the Russian black-ops program KGB. As they reminisce on their lives as killers, Batman is coming. He is angry, tough, and full of vengeance after seeing the first Robin shot before his very eyes. This clash is coming. The only question is, will the Dark Knight break his vow after witnessing his first ward nearly get killed?

King has returned my faith with this story. I admit that I wavered after Cold Days and The Wedding, but now with ‘Beasts of Burden Part 2’ (as it is called), I think he has come back. This story is truly mesmerizing as Batman faces off against one his greatest (and underrated) foes. Also, Tony Daniels and Danny Miki do amazing job with the artwork. Also, the cover is pretty fantastic. DC Comics should keep this trend going.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Review- Batman Issue 56

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