Comic Book Review- Batman Issue 55

Tom King delivers again with ‘Beasts of Burdens’ in Batman #55, which is the latest series from DC Comics. It starts off where #54 left off with Batman and Nightwing working together.

Batman and Nightwing are patrolling Gotham City. Dick Grayson is still trying to make Bruce Wayne feel better after his break-up with Catwoman. Together, they are fight a new villain Phantom Pharaoh who is attacking with a large army of zombies. Little do they know that the villain known as The Beast has come to Gotham and he wants blood.

I cannot say a whole lot without giving it away, but you will not want to miss the end of this tragic story. King may have lost his touch with The Wedding, but he is back. This is one has some of the most impact that he has written in a long time. Likewise, Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki work the artist magic with this story.

This is probably one of the best stories that Tom King has written during his tenure at the helm of Batman.

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