This Mainstream Media Parody Proves Comedy Isn’t Dead

My fellow Daily Wire writer Paul Bois and comedian Adam Yenser released this hilarious parody video lampooning NBC for firing anchor Megyn Kelly after she made a faux pas regarding Halloween costumes and blackface.

Check it out below:

The video is described on YouTube,

“A satirical look at NBC’s firing of Megyn Kelly for discussing blackface on her show. NBC did not approve this parody.”

Blackface is a horrible caricature of African-Americans and it has no place in polite society. That being said, Megyn Kelly was speaking specifically about a Caucasian person who admires a black person, a singer, actor, or character. Were your comments out-of-touch? Yes. Were they racist? No. She merely raised the question and she did not deserve to lose her job over it.

Paul Bois and Adam Yenser perfectly captures the hypocrisy of the Left, who take a “racist for thee, but not for me” approach. Not a single one of the NBC personalities highlighted in their video faced any kind of backlash from the pitiful SJWs who then went on social media to bully Megyn Kelly.

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3 thoughts on “This Mainstream Media Parody Proves Comedy Isn’t Dead

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  2. Racial hyper sensitivity is just another method used to keep racism going. In an non racist world, nobody would care who wore white face or black face. The perception of racism is necessary because it’s a useful lever for power over people, both whites and blacks and it’s being used to full effect by the left.

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