Writer Mike Baron Announces New Book ‘Disco’

Photo Credit: Mike Baron’s Instagram

Mike Baron, creator of the sci-fi comic book series ‘Nexus,’ ‘The Architect,’ ‘Badger,’ and the writer of numerous horror and thriller novels has announced a new project to be published through Liberty Island Press titled ‘Disco.’

According to a video released on his wife’s YouTube channel, this upcoming novel is more of a lighthearted novel compared to his other works. Unlike Skorpio (about a ghost who only appears in a blazing sun) or Banshees (about a death metal band), Disco (without giving too much away) is a story about a dog and his owners. It is meant to be a fun-loving story about a dog.

He writes on blog,

The story grew in my mind of a boy from a broken family, whose mother moves from town to town looking for a stable situation, and how he adopts a mongrel pup and learns, by accident, that the pup has an affinity for snatching discs out of the air. It took me twenty years to get around to writing it. Ann’s suggestion that I write something she could read did the trick.

Liberty Island will release Disco at the end of November.

In my humble opinion, Mike Baron is one of the most underrated comic book writers and novelists. Not only did he create the iconic character Nexus, he has written for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, working on stories for well-known characters like Batman, The Punisher, and The Flash. He is one of the most talented creators of our day.

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