Rian Johnson Doubles Down On Terrible Luke Plot

The Last Jedi is pretty much the worst Star Wars film ever made. Sure, it has great special effects and visuals, but that is about it. It was essentially what its predecessor was, a bad remake of another film in the franchise. Now granted, director Rian Johnson had an uphill battle after J.J. Abrams made The Force Awakens, but he could have retooled it. He did not. Instead, he built off the mistakes and gave us a movie with a poor plot, poor character development, and the worst take on Luke Skywalker in the history of mankind.

Like its predecessor, The Last Jedi took a beloved Star Wars character and turned them into a loser who abandoned his family, his responsibility, and even considered murdering his own nephew in cold blood.

Despite the backlash from fans, Disney did everything from blaming internet trolls to international hackers for the film being poorly received instead of taking responsibility and trying to fix it.

Now Rian Johnson decided to chime in again on Twitter saying, “Hot take: Luke is in fact 100% consistent with his character (not the way he’s described in marketing blurbs, but his actual, based-on-his-words-and-actions character) from the OT. I’ll be at the bar if you need me.”

Now, being a Star Wars fan and longtime nerd, I could not let that pass. Here is my response:

I stand by it. What made Rogue One (and even Solo to some extent) interesting was that it built off the mythology of Star Wars, not try to change it to earn some respect at the cocktail parties in Beverly Hills. Heads up, SJWs don’t buy comic books or products. They might see a movie, but when it counts, they run back to their soy lattes and avocado toast.

The fact that Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Rian Johnson are so out of touch that they cannot see past their own egos shows that that the Star Wars franchise is heading down to possibly being killed off by these Hollywood elitists.

Say what you want to about George Lucas, but the Star Wars prequels, for all their faults (and they are WAY less than people say), they at least built on the existing mythology while providing original content that brought the story more to life. It is time to stop whining about Jar Jar Binks because those are the people who gave us this poor sequel trilogy.

Look, Star Wars Episode IX is happening. There is no escaping the horror that is to come. Let’s get past it and then do a soft reboot. It worked with The Incredible Hulk.

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  1. Welcome to the auteur theory of movie making: the director is more important than the author of the story. That may work in some cases when the property doesn’t have a large following, but never should have been tried in Star Wars. This failure, however, lands directly at KK’s feet though for hiring and “being comfortable” with Roundhead in the first place.

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