What Is #ComicsGate?

What is comicsgate? I have to admit, when I first heard about it, I was hesitant. It is no secret that the comic book industry has had a Progressive bent when it comes to their political bias, but that has been the lay of the land for entertainment for some time. To me, it sounded like a bunch of comic book writers and artists who were trying to catch the GamerGate vibe.

However, after observing what has happened with several of the artists and writers, I have come to believe that comicsgate is the real, active censorship of Conservative and Centrist views within the comic book creator community.

Comic book writer and self-described ‘Star Wars‘ critic Ethan Van Sciver put it like this on Twitter: “ComicsGate is the last resort for fans and professionals who feel isolated by their hobby, which has been taken over by left wing extremists. We’re made up of critics, fans, and pros, and we’re trying to save what’s good about comics within our own mini-industry.”

These creators are not simply just whining about the problem, they are setting up crowdfunding campaigns in order to  produce their own material. Unfortunately, there are forces within the industry that are trying to prevent them from their fundraising goals. This has not stopped them. Martina Markota’s own ‘Lady Alchemy‘ is just one of the success stories.

Now, private companies have the right to hire whoever they please when it comes to who writes their comic books, but the big-wig companies are alienating a whole swath of fans who are tired of vanity and diversity hires and just want to see their favorite characters in their favorite scenarios.

We as consumers and reviewers can complain about the Left-wing bent of comic books, but we should also support the creators who are trying to fight back against the monopoly that these companies have made on the characters that we nerds and geeks know and love.

Photo credit: Martina Markota’s Lady Alchemy (far left), Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar (top center left), Mitch Breitweiser’s Red Rooster (top center right), and Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog (bottom center)

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