How To Fix Star Wars

It is no secret that I am a Star Wars fans. I loved the first six films, enjoyed The Clone Wars and Rebels series, and have read so many of the original ‘Star Wars Legends’ novels. When it comes to the modern films, I loved Rogue One and kind of liked Solo, but thought that The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were epic failures. When I first reviewed them, I sort of enjoyed them, but the more I watch them, the more I dislike them.

They have no gravitas. They are both simply bad remakes of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Of course, I warned that Rian Johnson would do a poor job. He’s a hack when it comes to directing. Let’s face it, his movies are terrible stories wrapped up in good cinematography. He provides just enough good visuals to make all of the elites go, “whoa, look at that art.” Whatever.

Continuing on, Colin Trevorrow of Jurassic World was suppose to do Star Wars Episode IX, but after “creative differences” (eg. cleaning up after JJ Abrams crap), he has departed. Instead of realizing their mistake, Disney doubled down on it and recruited the two people who originally set Star Wars on this terrible path to fix it, Episode VII director JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy (head of LucasFilms). Even though The Last Jedi was poorly received and destroyed Solo‘s opening, Disney decided to blame Russian bots for the bad reviews. Now they have canceled all upcoming films including the Boba Fett and Obi-Wan spin-offs, but gave Kennedy a raise and Abrams another shot in the director’s chair.

There has to be a disconnect there. Kennedy seems to think she knows better than the fans. That is what sets her apart from head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. He listens to the fans and knows how to give them what they want because he knows they bring in the audience. Kennedy thinks she is above us peasants and keeps making diversity and vanity hires because it’s “art” or whatever. Coastal elitism and artistic snobbery at its finest.

Instead of just complaining about it. I have several solutions. First of all, Kennedy needs to go after Episode IX. If it fails, it is time to fire her or move her to Touchstone or whatever. Also, Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams should not be allowed anywhere near the sets. Hire real directors like Christopher Nolan, Anna Boden, or Ryan Coogler to bring Star Wars to life.

Now, we cannot stop Episode IX. It is happening. So here is how you fix everything. After the unmitigated disaster ends, the credits start rolling, and then mid-way through we have scene:

Han Solo breaks free of the carbonite casing. The last three movies were nothing more than a fever dream while he was on display in Jabba’s palace. BOOM! Star Wars fixed.

Next do a trilogy that takes place during a different time period. Bring the stories of the early days of the Jedi including the Great Sith War or the Mandalorian War to life on the big screen. Then just remake the sequels, but instead, carry on the same characters with different actors. That will make it worth it.

There Disney. I just solved your problem.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Well, your fix would probably work, under the proviso that Disney also stop trying to make a “woke” Star Wars. Otherwise your reboot of a reboot is going to encounter the same issues.

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