Allie Stuckey Parodies Democrat Campaign Ad

CRTV host Allie Stuckey brings us another excellent parody video on the heels of her video where she poses as a modern feminist on a date.

In this new video released on Monday, Mrs. Stuckey poses as a spokesperson for the Democrat Party. This Liberal version of Allie explains why you should mark your ballot for the donkey.

She explains, “Democrats are the party of love and tolerance. We promote inclusion and acceptance, peace and goodwill,” as images of violent Leftist mobs assault the Supreme Court, a male feminist kicks a Pro-Life woman, and a Democrat ripping a GOP sign.

But she does not stop there. She also voices her criticisms of the GOP. Allie explains, “Republicans don’t want to talk about any of these things.They just want to talk about record unemployment, the economy, and keeping communities safe.” She adds, “FASCISTS.”

Later, she touches on abortion.

“Republicans want to take away a woman’s sacred right to choose to have her child decapitated inside the womb and torn apart limb-by-limb with forceps,” she says. “Democrats celebrate the right to violently murder your child, because, we’re compassionate.”

Allie has a talent for being quippy and delivering these parodies with perfect timing. This video is no different.

Check it out below:

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