Bane Has Been Revealed For ‘Gotham’ TV Show

Gotham has made one of the biggest reveals for the upcoming final season and it is probably the biggest announcement that has come out of the series. It has been announced that Bane is coming to Gotham. He is one of Batman’s fiercest villains, appearing in The Dark Knight Rises and other mediums where he is known for one thing, breaking the Batman.

Shane West has been cast to play him. Now, I know him primarily from Nikita alongside Maggie Q. I have to admit, the casting is a little odd since the island Bane is so huge and while West is a fine actor, he is not exactly Hercules. Of course, he could always beef up for the part, but then they dropped a picture of him.

While I am all for adapting the character differently for a series, as in the case with Tom Hardy, this iteration does not even resemble Bane. He looks more like a Steampunk version of Darth Vader. It is not terrifying or intimidating like Bane is in the comic books. Now, if you wanted to lose the Luchador look, okay fine, there are many other versions of the character.

Steampunk just does not fit Bane. It is more fitting for a villain like The Architect, from Gates Of Gotham, then for a strategic powerhouse like Bane.

Despite my hesitation of the costume, Shane West is a good actor and hopefully this picture is from a single episode of Gotham.

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4 thoughts on “Bane Has Been Revealed For ‘Gotham’ TV Show

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