Graphic Novel Review- Batman: The Victim Syndicate

DC Comics brings Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 2: The Victim Syndicate, part of the DC Rebirth. It immediately follows Rise of the Batmen, which saw the reintroduction of characters like the Spoiler, Robin, and Cassandra Cain (as The Orphan).

Reeling from the supposed death of Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown aka the Spoiler is acting out, openly challenging Batman’s authority and questioning what the team of vigilantes are doing in Gotham City. This proves to be awkward for the other members of the team which now includes former villain Clayface.

Meanwhile, a group of civilians who were hurt during Batman’s battles create an alliance called the Victim’s Syndicate. Their crimes create an emotional toll on the vigilantes as Batman comes to realize that his war on crime has other consequences besides locking the criminals in jail. It forces him to reevaluate his mission and decide how to fight.

Writer James Tynion and artist Alvaro Martinez bring us a story that is not your typical comic book fodder for nerds and geeks. This is an emotional story about the consequences of intentions, even good ones. It brings focus to the Batman family in a unique way. Normally, I give a big eye-roll on ‘consequence’ story-arcs, but this one does it respectfully with good storytelling and excellent artwork.

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3 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review- Batman: The Victim Syndicate

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