Alfred Gets A Show

Actor Jack Bannon (The Imitation Game) has been cast in the upcoming Epix television series Pennyworth, created by Bruno Heller, the mind behind Gotham. According to CBR, the show follows Alfred in his pre-butler days. Instead he is working for a security form in 1960s London with a young industrialist named Thomas Wayne, who will be played by Ben Aldridge (Fleabag, Skinny Dip).

This is my reaction:

I am sure this show will be good, but seriously, so what? It will play on a network no one has ever heard about a comic book character that, while important, does not belong in his own series. DC Comics has retooled Alfred Pennyworth’s background from traveling actor to former SAS Agent to please us geeks and nerds, but does that warrant an entire series? A miniseries, heck a direct-to-DVD movie would suffice.

This is an interesting thought. Along with Alfred, the CW Arrowverse is about to introduce Batwoman. The Titans show on DC Online has debuted Dick Grayson as Robin. Legends Of Tomorrow is rumored to introduce Terry McGinnis. Who is missing? Oh yeah, BATMAN.

CW has already said there is no plans for Bruce Wayne or his masked alter-ego to appear. Instead, Arrow is going to keep doing cheap imitations of great villains and story-arcs. (Though the creator of Black Lightning said he may bring Batman to the small screen).

Warner Bros. needs to get their act together when it comes to the Dark Knight. I won’t speak for all fans, but for me, I am tired of this prequel, mid-quel, and heck, even old man Bats that have plagued Gotham media the last few years. I want to see a series based on the Dark Knight that him in his prime and battling the villains we all love.

I share my measured thoughts on social media:

Those are my thoughts. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below and tell me if you would like to see a Batman television series. Check out my review of the hit film Hostiles. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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3 thoughts on “Alfred Gets A Show

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