‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ DVD Review

In 2017, Director Jon Watts brought us the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of another reboot Spider-Man Homecoming. It takes place almost immediately after Captain America: Civil War. Disney and Marvel Studios did their best to avoid copying the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions. Previously, I reviewed it for the Daily Wire, but I wanted to do a follow-up. Warning, there are some spoilers.

Peter Parker is the friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Loaded with a digital suit given to him by his mentor Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), he gets bored saving mini-marts and shopping. With the help of friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), he breaks up the rules in order to skip ahead. He bites off more than he can chew when he encounters the Vulture (Michael Keaton), a villain with some deadly firepower.

After an incident where civilians almost get hurt, Iron Man takes back the suit, forcing Parker to decide how he should be a hero.

First of all, I want to praise the performances. Robert Downey, Jr. is flawless as he continues the role of Iron Man. Keaton does a great job of transition from DC Comics hero into a Marvel villain in the form of Vulture. As for Holland, he shines as Peter Parker, both in and out of the mask. More on that later.

I have to admit, I was not sure that Watts could handle such a grand hero like Spidey, but he did a good job of crafting the story-arc of the film.

My problems with the film is he tries to deviate too much from the story. He avoids the backstory completely, never once mentioning his Uncle Ben. Also, they add a new character named Michelle Jones played by the singer Zendaya, who stole the nickname ‘MJ,’ but she is not Mary Jane. After the fan backlash, Marvel Studios had to insist that this was not an attempt to replace the iconic character.

That being said, it earned its place in the MCU. Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker has everything that Maguire and Garfield does not. He is awkward, smart, funny, and wise-cracking. He is what makes this movie work and it will be remembered more than the previous attempts.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You just don’t do anything I would do,and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. There’s a little gray area in there and that’s where you operate.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Violence

Check out the trailer below:

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  1. […] There are several rumors surrounding Venom 2, including a plot involving the villainous Shriek. Another rumor is that Tom Holland may have a cameo as Peter Parker as a photo seemed to show a sign that reads ‘Where is Spider-Man?’ Another Spidey spin-off Morbius seems to have a matching sign and an appearance by Michael Keaton, who played Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. […]

  2. Honestly, I am glad he skipped the origin story, he believed in his audience to know it already. If you wanted an origin I would have done a quick slideshow of the origin in the form of a comic book esque style via Peter Parker’s pictures in the opening credits.

    Peter Parker smiles as he lifts his camera, (Opening Credits music starts.) The Audience goes into a 1st person perspective through the camera. (The Camera shutters) Through several quick photos, we get the origin as the credits roll. (One last shutter) the movie begins.

    That would have made the film a 10/10 for me.

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