Daily Wire FRIDAY LIVE: Tom Hanks, Alyssa Milano, Memes, and More

While Michael Knowles was out spreading covfefe, I substitute hosted the Daily Wire’s FRIDAY LIVE with the epic and very insightful Elisha Krauss. It was quite the conversation, dealing with movie sequels, crazy celebrities, meme censorship, and biographical films. It was quite the way to kick off the weekend.

Check it out below:

That is correct. They are doing a sequel to Space Jam with superstar LeBron James. Tell me, who do you think would make a good Monstar? Do you agree with the responses?

So what was Alyssa Milano doing in Brett Kavanuagh’s hearing? Hasn’t she done enough to smear this good man? Instead she grandstands like Marty Wolf from Big Fat Liar. She lost her spot on the Charmed remake, so now she is acting out like a spoiled celebrity.

Sweden decides to show just how great socialism is by censoring memes. Not just any meme, but one in particular. The infamous “distracted boyfriend” meme has earned the ire of the government for “reasons.” How could they ban this awesome meme?

Also, the very talented Tom Hanks will be playing legendary Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame. I think it’s a solid pick.

Also, did you miss my book announcement? Check it out!

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