Beta-Reading Phase- The Seven Royals: All Good Things

I have a new update for my upcoming novel The Seven Royals: All Good Things! It is still on track to be published soon. Above is a piece of artwork done by the incredible artist Rebecca Shapiro, drawing the main character the Dragon Prince Jasher Kenan! Check out her work here.

My novel has entered into beta-reading. Three people I trust are giving me feedback on my novel. This part is going to be hard. Yes, it is always gratifying when they tell me it is good, but now I have to swallow my pride when they give me constructive criticism. It always hard to hear that you could do better, but I know it will help my novel be better.

Here is synopsis for those who missed it:

In a world of sword and sorcery, seven young royals have been banished from their kingdoms by an evil mage and a grieving emperor, but under the leadership of Prince Jasher, they will return to claim their birthright and set their people free.

Jasher, Philip, Talia, Connor, Rapunzel, James, and Belle were living peaceful lives until Emperor Midas and the evil magician Fabius Thorne attacked their lands with their dark army. The young Dragon Prince Jasher is put into a frozen sleep while the others are scattered for their protection. Ten years later, Jasher awakens with a mystical blue sword and sets out to find the other six. Along the way, the royals encounter friends, foes, and unexpected allies as they journey back to their homeland. However, Thorne’s apprentice Omri is hot on their trail with murder on his mind.

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