Did Todd Philips Reveal Joaquin Phoenix As “The Joker?” Not Really.

On Friday, director Todd Philips broke the internet when he released on social media a screen test of Joaquin Phoenix in clown-style makeup for the upcoming solo film centered around The Joker. It caused a bevy of speculation and excitement. People were sharing it saying things like, “Oh, it’s the first image of The Joker.” Check it out below:

There is just one problem. Did you catch it? Besides the green hair, it is not in the style of The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has a very distinctive style that has been imitated in every version of The Joker. Even the terrible Jared Leto had a version of this look along with the great Heath Ledger (seen above.)

Here is what we know so far. The film has a decent cast and it will exist outside of the DCEU. Joaquin Phoenix will play Arthur Fleck, a struggling comedian who is living with an overbearing mother. It will take from several sources including The Killing Joke (let’s hope it improves on the source material). Batman will not be in the film according to most sources, but it will take place in Gotham.

Now, honestly, I am not for this movie. The Joker does not need an origin, a point that Christopher Nolan made very well. That being said, it is happening. If anything, I am hoping it will do better than Suicide Squad and maybe if it is good and does good, we will never have to deal with Leto again.

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4 thoughts on “Did Todd Philips Reveal Joaquin Phoenix As “The Joker?” Not Really.

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