Music Review- Emily Kinney: Boy Band Hero

Emily Kinney made waves when her character was abruptly, tragically, and mistakenly, in my humble opinion, killed off on The Walking Dead. That being said, she has the charming, inspiring, and beautiful voice to be a hit singer. From her music video Mermaid Song to the latest Boy Band Hero, it proves how far someone can take their talent.

The song is fueled by nostalgia. It is a blend of pop music and synth-style, her voice and the lyrics, which she wrote herself, takes us to the days of being fans of a band. She talks about going to concerts with someone from a high school band. It is a romance that will end and the story is tragic, but one that is all-too-familiar. It is enduring and, like many of Kinney’s projects, it is charming.

As for the music video, it takes you back in time. It shows you images from a not-so-long ago past and it makes the perfect backdrop to the song. It is imaginative and creative, and pretty much matches the overall tone of the song Kinney. That is a big complaint of mine about music videos. They don’t match the overall song, but this one I feel does.

You can check it out below:

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