Top 10 Captain Marvel Costumes


Carol Danvers was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan for Marvel Comics. She made her first appearance in March 1968 in the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes #13. She has gone through several iterations including an Air Force pilot, Warbird, Binary, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel. Of course, Danvers is not the only person to wear the costume of the divine Ms. M. With the release of her new movie trailer, I just had to celebrate. Here is the list of Top 10 Captain Marvel Costumes:

10. Photon

During her time as leader of the Avengers, Monica Rambeau took on the title of Captain Marvel. She has a couple of other times, but she has since reverted back to Photon among other hero names.

09. Original Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers worked with Captain Mar-Vel and would take his title later on. This is the first costume she used.

08. Alternate Dimension Warbird

Hailing from another dimension, this version of Warbird was brutal in how she dealt with foes.

07. Early version

This is one is probably her most famous. It was the one she was wearing when the X-Men known as Rogue (then a member of the Brother of Mutants) and has been featured in multiple media appearances.

06. Binary

Carol briefly received enhanced powers that served her well during a stint with the Avengers.

05. 2010s

An updated version, this costume brought her into the modern era. It was also featured in the Alias series where it is shown that she is a friend of Jessica Jones.

04. Animated

This costume she wore when she was introduced into Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It combines the design of the 90s outfit with the scheme of her original costume.

03. Air Force

It is true. Carol served her country in the Air Force. Her tactics are somewhat different than Captain America, who served in the Army.

02. Silver

Though it is derivative of another outfit, it stands out for its very basic color scheme.

01. Modern


This costume has been featured in the comic books for some team, especially during Civil War 2. It has been featured with a helmet that she uses during combat.

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