StudioJake 92- Is Batman An Atheist? My Thoughts.

Tom King wrote “Batman: Cold Days” issues 51, 52, & 53. The last seemed to indicate that Bruce Wayne had become an atheist. Comic book mags/e-zines including the Nerdist celebrated with glee. I respond and then read off King’s response. Does this prove comicgate?

So what do you think? While so-called nerd outlets like the Nerdist, CBR, and Comic Book Online celebrated Batman’s supposed conversion to atheism, it would appear that they jumped the gun, again to promote an agenda. Especially after Tom King himself denied this was the case for the DC Universe. 

In my humble opinion, this proves comicgate. I was always hesitant about it, but the fact that virtually all of the outlets cheered this falsehood on shows that they are hiding behind the SJW propaganda in order to spread this fiasco.

I use to be hesitant about comicgate, not wishing to spread conspiracy theories where there were none, but Marvel Comics and DC Comics bending to the will of SJWs who do not read comic books.

I talk about nerd culture a bit on the Prolific Writer podcast.

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  1. For the most part, I do not agree with Bruce being an atheist. Honestly, the thought of which is absurd, they are comic book characters and fictitious. If anything, due to Bruce’s actions, experiences, and every other absurd thing he’s faced, it’s my humble opinion he is, and correct me if I am wrong, a Deist. Meaning he believes that a deity created everything then left them to their own devices and vices.

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